Car theory exam in the Netherlands

If you want to take the car theory exam in the Netherlands, you need to practise CBR car theory well. Often candidates think they will pass easily if they have some knowledge of the traffic rules. However, this is far from sufficient. For this reason the success rate is low. Less than half of the candidates who take the car theory exam for the first time, pass it in one go. Therefore online car theory practice is a good way to prepare for the theory exam.

Practising online car theory exam in English

It is easy to practice the car theory exam online. Usually candidates use outdated information such as textbooks from their parents. In the course of the years the traffic rules have changed considerably, so an outdated theory book does not contribute to a good preparation. In addition, the purchase of a recent traffic book is often not the solution either.

It is much easier to order a theory book online. You don't have to wait too long; after payment you immediately get access to the material. Furthermore the advantage of an online theory book is that you get access to the study material in an interactive way. Pictures and videos are included, so you can better understand what the material exactly is about. In addition, when you purchase the car theory book you can also take a number of car practice exams. This way you can test yourself and find out which knowledge you need to improve before you make a reservation for the real car theory exam. There are long waiting times and for that reason it is useful that you pass in one go. By working with the online theory book and online practice exams you increase your chances of passing.

Preparing for the Car theory exam in the Netherlands

A good preparation is half the work. Do not be distracted by immediately looking at a car if you have not yet taken the car theory exam in the Netherlands. It is not that far yet. You still have to learn the exam, which is followed by driving lessons and only then can you take the test. For all exams there are usually long waiting times, so it is better to invest that time in keeping your knowledge up to date. The CBR is the institute that administers both the theory exam and the practical exam. You must be at least 16 years old to take a car theory exam.

Practicing the theory exam is therefore very important before you take it. That is why it is possible to take a free practice car exam. This way you know exactly whether you would have passed the real car theory exam in the Netherlands. The practice exams for car are tailored to the method of the CBR, so you know what kind of questions to expect. So you can immediately see your score. If you need more practice, you can order extra practice exams at a low price. Especially the insight questions like hazard recognition often lead to problems on the real car theory exam. It is therefore smart to spend a lot of time and attention to this.

Advantages of practicing online car theory

Practicing the Dutch CBR car theory exam online has many advantages. Therefore, 100% Geslaagd has listed the advantages for you.

  • Learn directly from mistakes made
  • Learn the car theory at your own pace
  • Get to know the questions of the CBR
  • Most effective way to make theory your own
  • Memorize the car theory faster and better for the exam

By working with online CBR test exams, you will notice that you are less nervous during the official car theory exam in the Netherlands, and that you will already recognise many questions from the car theory test

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