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Motorcycle theory course

To obtain a motorcycle driving license (A driving license) in the Netherlands, you must pass both the motorcycle theory exam and the practical exam of the CBR. In this way, it is examined and tested whether you are capable of driving and have the necessary skills.

CBR motorcycle theory exam

The motorcycle theory exam at the CBR consists of a total of 50 questions. These questions are about traffic knowledge and insight. There are several types of questions, namely: multiple choice questions, drag questions, click questions and questions where you need to fill in a number. For the motorcycle theory exam you get a total of 25 minutes. This is sufficient time for most motorcycle theory exam candidates.

Of the 50 exam questions, the candidate must answer at least 44 correctly. After the exam candidate has answered all 50 questions, the exam is submitted digitally with the push of a button. Immediately after handing in the exam the candidate will see if he/she passed the theory exam. If the candidate has passed, a green thumb will appear on the screen with the text: 'Passed'.

Practice English motorcycle theory exam

By practicing the CBR motorcycle theory exam you develop in an interactive and effective way more knowledge and skills to pass the motorcycle theory exam. By using English-language CBR mock exams, you quickly discover where you can still develop yourself and why given answers are incorrect. By learning from the mistakes and understanding the CBR questions, you are able to pass the CBR motorcycle theory exam immediately.

To help you with this, 100% Successful offers the possibility to practice the motorcycle theory exam online. This is done through english language CBR mock exams, in which you get questions that you can also expect in the official exam. In this way you are able to prepare yourself well for the exam and pass your theory exam immediately.

Start practicing the English language motorcycle theory exam today.

Motor theory english

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